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Zomato Share Price Target 2023, 2024, 2025, 2026, 2030

Zomato is a food delivery business company that changed the market of the hotel and food industry. After Zomato came they completely changed the formula in the food industry. Hello guys we all know Zomato as a food delivery app, but in this article, we learn about Zomato’s Business models and financial targets.

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Additionally, we discuss in detail Zomato Share Price Target 2023, 2024, 2025, 2026, and 2030. If you looking to invest in hotels and the food-related industry then this article will give you some knowledge and helps you to understand. Let us see the full detail.

Zomato Share Price Target 2023, 2024, 2025, 2026, 2030

Zomato is India’s leading food delivery service company which is started in 2008. Right now Zomato holds 55% of the market share in the food delivery industry. During the Covid epidemic, Zomato’s touched value of Gross Merchandise (GVM) was $1.6 billion. Now Zomato was available in more than 25 countries across the globe including the USA, and China.

Zomato Share Price Target 2023

India has a food delivery market worth around $ 5 billion USD, in upcoming years this valuation would be increased by demand, already Zomato holds a total of 55% market share overall in India. The main competitor of Zomato in India is Swiggy, both of these are giants in the food delivery business.

For the past couple of years in-between these two companies had a neck-to-neck competition. But today Zomato has a strong business to become a leading company in food delivery.

Zomato is generating good revenue through different business models, like restaurant ads, delivery charges, subscriptions, online food orders, and event ticket sales. For the past couple of years, overall company’s performance and financial stability was good.

The Zomato Target For 2023 is first Target Price Is Rs. 70 And Second Target Price Is Rs. 76

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Zomato Share Price Target 2024

Zomato was never disappointed its customers, and they keep engaging with customers to provide deals, coupons, and special offers. Zomato was available in 10,000 cities and 25 countries all over the world. They provide service in the USA, India, Australia, Brazil, New Zealand, Singapore, and Middle East Qatar.

In YoY 2022 Zomato’s overall revenue was 41.92B which is a 110% growth compared to the previous financial years. The Zomato Target For 2024 is First Target Is Rs. 86 And the second Target Price Is Rs. 92

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Zomato Share Price Target 2025

Right now Zomato kept concentrating to update its business model, apart from the food delivery business now they are providing services like restaurant reservations, loyalty programs, consulting services, lot more. Zomato already built a good customer base and a very strong brand name in the market.

Zomato has grown up as the world’s largest food delivery company in the world. Zomato not only makes revenue from food delivery service but also engages with customers and the restaurant relationship ecosystem. Zomato has a successful unique business model to become top in the food aggregation industry.

The Zomato Target For 2025 is First Target Is Rs. 110 And Second Target Price Is Rs. 120

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Zomato Share Price Target 2026

When Zomato App was introduced, initially they provide pieces of information, menus, and review of top restaurants, then they involve in food delivery service. Zomato keeps updating its business models and engaging with customers.

In the latest, Zomato launched Hyperpure to give fresh products to restaurants and purchase the products from farmers directly. Zomato make so many revolutions in the food and restaurant business, they changed the food consuming pattern.

Approximately 5,000 orders were placed per minute in Zomato, the numbers keep increasing in the upcoming days. The company’s revenue growth is increased by 121.26%.

The Zomato Target For 2026 is First Target Is Rs. 130 And Second Target Price Is Rs. 140

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Zomato Share Price Target 2030

Zomato was founded in 2010 and is a small-cap company which a market cap of Rs. 42,202 Cr. The company was making good revenue with the last quarter’s sales is 1,830 Cr which is a 15.7% high in its previous quarter. But Zomato was not producing net profit, because it has to reduce its operating cost to make good net income.

So, we can’t able to calculate for P/B ratio in negative net profit. Also, Zomato has a total outstanding amount of 855.17 Cr.

In 2023 itself food delivery business has a market value of $ 35 USD, as per the CAGR report for the next five years this industry will grow up to 20% growth. So, there is a huge opportunity in the online food delivery business.

Zomato already has a strong brand value, if you are interested to invest in the food delivery business then there is no better option for you. For a long-term investment hope, Zomato will give good returns.

The Zomato Target For 2030 Is First Target Is Rs. 405 And Second Target Price Is Rs. 445

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IndustryOnline Food Ordering
FoundedJuly 2008,
Founders Deepinder Goyal, Pankaj Chaddah
HeadquartersGurgaon, Haryana, India
Key PeopleDeepinder Goyal [CEO & MD]
ServiceFood Delivery Table Reservation
OwnerInfo Edge [15.17%] Alipay Singapore [7.1%] Antfin Singapore [7%]
Number Of Employees5,000
Zomato Advanced Chart

Zomato Business Model

Zomato is the leading company in India for online food delivery business, they provide services like selecting restaurants, reviewing the food, and checking the food items available in a particular restaurant, according to the customer’s choice. Zomato’s business model has completely changed the hotel and food business industry.

Zomato is one of the main reasons for booming online food delivery ideas in India, new concepts come after Zomato entered in the industry like Event kitchens, Cloud kitchens. Now day’s lot of women keep doing their business in the Cloud Kitchen concept. Let’s see the services provided by Zomato

  • Restaurant Advertisment
  • Event Advertisement
  • Delivery Charges
  • Subscription Charges
  • Zomato White Label Access
  • Zomato Kitchens
  • Live Events

Zomato Business Strength

  • There Is No Debt To That Company
  • Currently, The Percentage and quick percentage in this company are both 8.40 which gives a good cash flow for this company
  • This Zomato Company Has achieved an average growth of 65.50% over 4 years
  • The Company has an efficient cash flow cycle of 26.30 days
  • The Company has a presence in more than 25 countries
  • The Company has a very strong network across the country

Weaknesses Of Zomato

  • The Company Continues To Run At a Loss
  • For the Last 4 Years, This Zomato Company has Low EBITDA margin of 70.48%
  • This Zomato Company Has had a poor ROCE of 65.70% on average for the last 4 years
  • The Company Zomato Has Consistently Had a negative Cash Flow In Its Operation
  • The Company Is Facing a Heavy Blow From Food Restaurants like Swiggy Domino’s Pizza Hut to compete Against The Company

Competitors Of Zomato

  • G2 Deals
  • Urban Piper
  • Slice
  • Onfleet
  • Chownow
  • Postmates
  • Deliveroo
  • GrubHub
  • Doordash
  • Swiggy

Zomato Shareholding Pattern

Holders Name Percentage
Other Domestic Institutions1.17%
Mutual Funds5.59%
Retail And Others36.50%
Foreign Institutions56.74%

Zomato Share Price Target 2023, 2024, 2025, 2026, 2030

YearsFirst TargetSecond Target
Zomato Share Price Target 2021Rs. 125Rs. 135
Zomato Share Price Target 2022Rs. 130Rs. 60
Zomato Share Price Target 2023Rs. 70Rs. 76
Zomato Share Price Target 2024Rs. 86Rs. 92
Zomato Share Price Target 2025Rs. 110Rs. 120
Zomato Share Price Target 2026Rs. 130Rs. 140
Zomato Share Price Target 2030Rs. 405Rs. 445


Zomato is the leading company in the online Food delivery business in India, they had a total 55% share value in the market. For the past two years, they may not generate net revenue, but I hope in the future there will be a huge potential in the Online Food delivery business and Zomato will make revenue.

If you are looking for multi-bagger stock then this share is a 50-50 option in my point of view, because there are a lot of issues that may happen in the future, and government policies may change. So before investing in Zomato please do market research and take advice from your financial advisor.

We never say to buy shares of Zomato, we just give information about Zomato and gave suggestions of Zomato Share value. These values may vary in the future due to various aspects, so kindly do your own research.

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In This Article, we have evaluated the company but we are not SEBI registered advisors so we are not giving any investment advice on this stock if you want to invest in this company you should do your own research or take advice from a financial advisor

Zomato Related FAQ

Zomato Share Price Target 2025?

The expected share price target of Zomato in 2025 is Rs. 110-120.

Is Zomato Good For the Long Term?

As per the current market conditions, Zomato could be the best stocks in the next 5 years.

Is Zomato Share Price Expected To Rise?

Zomato Has an Average Target Price Of Rs. 67

Is Zomato a Multibagger?

multi-baggers will come from stocks like Nazara, Zomato Nykaa, PB fintech, and Paytm but it is not definite which one

Why is Zomato struggling?

the business has struggled to grow and faces challenges in turning profitable

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