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Yes Bank Share Price Target 2023, 2024, 2025, 2026, 2030

Yes Bank was the leading bank in the private banking sector. In this article, we discuss Yes Bank’s share price target, and Yes Bank’s share price prediction in 2023,2024,2025,2026,2030, and 2040. Also, we discuss on future of banking sectors in India.

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Also, we analyze Yes banks business, future opportunities of Yes Bank in the private banking sector, and strengths and weaknesses in a detailed manner. This article gives you insights on whether investing in Yes Bank shares is suitable for the long term and whether it’s worth it or not. So keep reading the full article.

Yes Bank Share Price Target 2023, 2024, 2025, 2026, 2030

Yes Bank was started in 2004, and till 2019 this bank was performing well and making revenue. There was a crisis in 2019 that happened Yes Bank, then the company’s management was totally changed. Yes bank’s share value declined from Rs.315 to Rs.12, past couple of years company was not able to make a profit and its debt-equity value also increased. Yes Bank was listed on the Bombay Stock Exchange (532648) and National Stock Exchange (YES BANK) in Sep 2020.

Yes banks provide a wide range of products and services in a financial area, like digital banking, Corporate banking, and Retail banking. Yes, the bank is technically strong and it has more than 1000 branches across India. We can see Yes Bank’s highest share price is around Rs.390 in the 2018 period of time

Indian banking sector is fully occupied with private sector banks, which is over 70% of total market value. According to ET banking sector’s total market value in 2030 $250 billion

Economic Times

Yes Bank Share Price Target 2023

Yes bank’s share value was trading around Rs.310, currently, its share value is Rs.15-16. After the management change yes bank keeps pushing to perform well and introducing new strategies to regain its market value. As yes bank performance was good and they can able to show very good growth in business.

Earning per share value (EPS) is very low 0.31 trailing the last 12 months, so yes bank needs to focus on generating more revenue in upcoming years. Yes Bank’s share price target in 2023 will be Rs.25 and the second target is Rs.26

Yes Bank Share Price Target 2023: The bank is keeping focusing more on MSME and small business loans instead of corporate loans and providing various options to customers it can improve sales in the upcoming days, so you can expect yes bank share prediction could be gained more value this year. The Target price of yes bank in 2023 is Rs.25 and the second target is Rs.26

First Target PriceRs.25
Second Target PriceRs.26

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Yes Bank Share Price Target 2024

If we look at the revenue growth in the last 2 QoQ show good results in sep 6,451.30Cr which is 8.25% more, and 7,064Cr in Dec is 9.50% more as compared to the previous quarter. The P/E ratio of yes bank is 53.87. After the management change bank is now slowly recovering and making good numbers in revenue. Also, RBI made some regulations on Yes Bank to avoid those issues that happened before. Yes Bank Share rate today is Rs. 16.75 (7-3-23)

Yes Bank Share Price Target 2024: Yes Bank has more than 1000 branches in India. And they had a strong network to sell their products to customers, so in the future yes bank will perform well and make a profit. Yes bank’s share price target for 2024 will be given below

First Share Price TargetRs.30
Second Share Price TargetRs.33

Yes Bank Share Price Target 2025

Yes bank has different schemes and loan offers to attract their customers. Still, they have to expand their presence in each and every corner of India. The government keeps pushing the MSME sector, so it announced many schemes and loan offers through private banks. So there is a lot of opportunity in the banking sector in the upcoming days.

Yes Bank Share Price Target 2025: To utilize the upcoming demand in the banking sector yes banks need to improve their infrastructure and marketing strategies. Their opponents like SBI, Axis Bank, and ICICI, are far ahead in a lot of aspects. Hope yes bank will improve its strategies and be a top player in the banking sector. Yes Bank’s share price target for 2025 is Rs.37 and the second largest target is Rs.41

First Share Price TargetRs.37
Second Share Price TargetRs.41

Yes Bank Share Price Target 2026

In the last two years yes bank could not able to make free cash flow. If we see the fundamental’s stock P/E is 52.63, the price book ratio is 1.40, Dividend yield of 2.91. SBI holds 30% of shares in yes bank.

The new management is changing their loan plans and diversifying them. Whether in the previous day yes Bank was focused only on corporate loans due to its highest interest rate, but right now they more focusing on MSME sectors. The yes bank share value of 2026 is given below

Yes Bank has three subsidiaries like Yes Securities Limited, Yes Trustee Limited, and Yes Assessment Management where it can do various business through these companies.

Yes Bank Share Price Target 2026: The company has a strong network base throughout different geological locations in India, so it can sell its products and services through this strong network base. So you can expect the Yes Bank Share Price Prediction by 2026 to be Rs.48 and the second target to be Rs.55

First Share Price TargetRS.48
Second Share Price TargetRs.55

Yes Bank Share Price Target 2030

Yes bank has a total NPA (Non-performing asset) net of 4.53% till March 2022. So due to its new management’s aggressive actions, the ratio of NPA will decline in the upcoming days. Yes bank has a total market cap of 47.16Tcr and is a large-cap company in the stock market.

Indian economy is the fastest growing economy in the world, so there is a huge part in the private sector, especially in the finance department. Yes Bank Share future will be able to gain maximum potential in the upcoming days.

In the upcoming days yes bank had loan offers in the farming sector, and then had a plan of Rs.10,000 cr loan to the MSME sector. Yes bank is looking forward to raising funds for expanding their business and new investment. Hope yes bank will grab future opportunities in the banking sector and overcome its competitors. According to our analysis, the yes bank share price target in 2030 is Rs.90 and the second highest value is Rs.100

First Share Price TargetRs.90
Second Share Price TargetRs.100

Yes Bank Profile

IndustryBanking Financial Service
Founded Year2004
Founder NameRana Kapoor, Ashok Kapoor
Headquarters Mumbai, Maharashtra, India
Key PeopleSunil Mehta [Chairman] Prashant Kumar [MD & CEO]
ProductsCredit Cards, Consumer banking, Corporate banking, Finance and insurance, Mortgage loans, Private banking, Wealth management, Investment banking
Number Of Employees24,800 [2022]

Yes Bank Business Model

Yes Bank is a private commercial bank headquartered in Mumbai, Maharashtra. Sunil Mehta (Chairman), Prashant Kumar (MD, CEO) of yes bank. Over 21,000 employees are working at yes bank till 2021. Yes, banks provide a wide range of banking and financial services to customers.

  • Retail Banking: Yes Bank provides retail banking and services like savings accounts, current accounts, home loans, credit cards, etc.
  • Corporate Banking: Yes Bank provides services specially designed for particular corporate customers, like working capital finance, trade finance, cash management, and project finance.
  • Institutional Banking: They also work with government bodies, private sector companies, and public sector undertakings.
  • Digital Banking: Yes Bank has a strong interest in technology and new innovative ideas, they have a wide range of digital products and services to boost their customer experience. They provide e-wallets, mobile banking, internet banking, and UPI.

According to Reserve Bank Of India Report (RBI) the priority sector loans will be on small and micro enterprises (MSME) by scheduled private banks by 11.2% year on year growth

RBI (Reserve Bank Of India)
Yes Bank Share Advanced Chart

Swot Analysis Of Yes Bank

SWOT analysis refers to the study of a company’s strengths weaknesses opportunities and threats to the company’s to know the position of the company in the market and to know what the company needs to improve and what the company should be ready

Yes Bank Strength

  • Yes Bank’s management team consists of highly experienced professionals in the banking industry
  • Yes Bank is one of the leading private-sector banks in India and operates with strong brand recognition
  • The Bank Offers many services like retail banking diversified product portfolio and more
  • It has a modern IT infrastructure and invests significantly in Yes Bank technology to provide innovative and efficient banking solutions

Other Strength

  • Good Capital Adequacy Ratio 15.30%
  • Free Cash Flow per Share of 8.30
  • Adequate Capital
  • Greater Stability of the deposit site

Yes Bank Weaknesses

  • Yes Bank has faced quite a lot of regulatory challenges in the past
  • Yes Bank has been struggling with more than just asset concerns as the company had to make significant provisions for bad loans which hurt profitability
  • Yes Bank has traditionally relied on bulk funding to support its business and this has led to financial risks in the past
  • Yes Bank has faced allegations of corporate governance lapses that have caused serious concern for the company’s investors and customers

Other Weaknesses

  • In The last 3 years, the performance growth of Yes Bank has been poor at 8.15%
  • The average ROA of Yes Bank in the previous 3 Years is very low 2.05%
  • Yes, Bank’s 3 Years ROE is very low 24.60%
  • yes bank company has given revenue growth of 13.75% in the last 3 years which is very bad

Opportunities for Yes Bank

  • Improving Coverage Ratio: As the provisioning coverage ratio is now increasing these yes banks are now less dependent on an external source of funding and thus more provision of funds to cover bad loans and cushion them against losses
  • About Awareness in Digital Media: Digital media is now visible to everyone and gives banks a significant ability to serve customers
  • Large Asset In One Client: Yes Bank has a substantial portfolio of clients and thus offers a huge potential to serve the banking and financial services sectors as well
  • Global Market: Yes Bank is aware of the global market and faces fewer restrictions thus giving Yes Bank the ability to reach across the globe and achieve its business objectives

Threats To Yes Bank

  • High Fee: The bargaining power of Yes Bank customers contributes significantly to the operations of this bank
  • Global competitors: The presence of numerous global giants in financial services and banking poses a threat to a bank’s ability to remain competitive in this sector
  • Change In Law Regulation: When the government changes the laws it affects the business activity of the bank
  • Security Threats: If a bank faces any security issues it poses a serious threat to the bank while regaining the trust of the customers will be a challenge

Yes Bank Services

  • Savings Accounts
  • Net Banking Services
  • Corporate Loans
  • Home Personal Loans
  • Business loans
  • Money management
  • Investment banking
  • Mortgage Loan
  • Finance And Insurance
  • Credit Card
  • Consumer banking
  • Private Banking

Yes Bank Competitors

  • Kotak Mahindra Bank
  • SBI Bank
  • ICICI Bank
  • HDFC Bank
  • Axis Bank
  • Punjab National Bank
  • Induslnd Bank
  • Bank Of Baroda

Yes Bank Shareholding Pattern

Holder’s % Percentage
No Of Shares 100. %
Promoters0. %
Foreign Institutes11.37 %
N Banks Mutual Funds0.34 %
Others10.6 %
General public34.1 %
Financial Institutions43.58 %

Yes Bank Share Price Target 2023, 2024, 2025, 2026, 2030

YearsFirst TargetSecond Target
Yes Bank Share Price Target 2021Rs. 13Rs. 18
Yes Bank Share Price Target 2022Rs. 14Rs. 20
Yes Bank Share Price Target 2023Rs. 25Rs. 26
Yes Bank Share Price Target 2024Rs. 30Rs. 33
Yes Bank Share Price Target 2025Rs. 37Rs. 41
Yes Bank Share Price Target 2026Rs. 48Rs. 55
Yes Bank Share Price Target 2030Rs. 90Rs. 100


The banking sector has a bright opportunity in India. The Indian government is going forward to achieve a 5 trillion economy in the next upcoming years, so it has to develop in the infrastructural and manufacturing sectors. So there are a lot of opportunities in the banking sector. So the union Government insists to provide loans to each sector for development.

Yes bank shares have the capacity can able to multi-bagger in the future, but if you don’t look for long-term this company share will not satisfy you, there is plenty of other company like Axis and SBI that is good for you. If you have any queries please comment below and share with your friends.


We provide the information based on our analysis, we are not SEBI registered advisors, before investing do your own market analysis and analyze with your financial advisor.

FAQ-Yes Bank

Can I buy Shares of Yes Bank?

you can easily buy Yes Bank shares in Grow by creating a Demat account and getting the KYC document verified online

Yes, bank Share Price Target 2030?

Due to the opportunity in the banking sector yes bank shares will price in 2030 is Rs.180-200.

Why Yes Bank Is Falling?

The company shows an 80% of YoY decline in its profit from the last quarter Dec 2022, and due to its debt burden Yes Bank Share value is Falling

Will Yes Bank Share Price recover?

Yes bank raised funds Rs. 8,900 Cr in Dec 2022 for reducing its debt and to capitalize and the expansion process, so we can expect the company will recover in 2-3 years

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