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Vodafone Idea Share Price Target ,2023, 2024, 2025, 2026, 2030,

Hello, friends today we are going to tell about Reliance in this article after September 2017 the rise of Reliance Jio started in the telecom industry two companies Vodafone and Idea joined forces to start a new Company called Vodafone Idea Limited this brand name is also Known As Vodafone Idea Share Price Target 2023, 2024, 2025, 2026, 2030,

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The small investors’ retail investors who have invested in these two companies since then are very bullish About the shares of Vodafone Idea. but we are going to examine in this article whether the shares of these companies can really give high returns to the investors or not Read this article completely and know about This company Vodafone Idea Share Price Target

Vodafone Idea Share Price Target 2023, 2024, 2025, 2026, 2030,

Initially, these two companies were operating separately but more companies started coming into the market And the competition was high due to which this Vodafone Idea two companies merged on September 2017 These two companies Vodafone and Idea Merged their Business And After that, they entered an Agreement to form Vodafone Group 46.3% Aditya Birla Group Holds 26% and Thereafter all the shares are Held by the public

A Lawsuit was filed against the company and After that, there was a change in the shareholdings of these Companies such that the Government of India now holds a majority stake of 36.7% while Vodafone Group Holds 27.4% and Aditya Birla Group Holds 16.80%

Currently, Mr. Himanshu Gabania and Mr. Ravinder Thakkar Is the CEO of This Company According to The information obtained while researching this company 14,520 employees are currently working in This Vodafone Idea Company

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Vodafone Idea Share Price Target 2023

Currently, The Company’s current market capitalization as of 2021 is approximately 29,000 crores and the Company is operating at a loss in its current scenario and it is impossible to value the company on its P/E Ratio.

The Share Price of this Vodafone Idea company was just Rs.4 during the panic of the corona epidemic a few days ago but the company has grown rapidly since then After the end of the corona epidemic the share price of the company rise to Rs.16

According to the Current information the current Share price of this company is between Rs.6 To Rs. 9 and if this Vodafone Idea company tries to expand its business in upcoming years company shares value will increase.

Reliance Jio and Airtel companies are competing in the market due to which the position of this company is getting a bit worse and if this situation continues this company will see big declines in the future Well now the company’s target for 2023 is first target Rs.10.00 and second target is Rs. 10.70

Vodafone Idea Share Price Target 2024

Vodafone Idea has a total debt of Rs. 2.2 trillion as of September 2022. So they decided to reduce their debt value to give their equity shares against interest on deferred adjusted gross revenue (AGR) and Spectrum dues on Rs. 16,133. Right Now Government of India owns 33.44% Of Shares in Vodafone Idea.

In the upcoming days, Vodafone Idea has an idea to expand its business and to add some more features and services to its customers. Because right now the company’s sales was very low and day by day its debt burden also increasing. So they need to fix these issues and make revenue.

Vodafone Idea Company’s Target for 2024 is first target is Rs. 11.40 And its second target is Rs. 12.10

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Vodafone Idea Share Price Target 2025

Vodafone is the third-largest mobile telecommunication network and the world’s 11th-biggest network. Vodafone Idea has around 250 million subscribers by 2022. The main issue was coming when Reliance Jio entered the market after Jio came to Vodafone to lose their customer base and not make revenue.

Vodafone Idea was not able to give attractive offers and discounts to their customers, side by side their revenue was down, and in order, to do that, they can’t able to give money for TROY. So, in the future, the company needs to fix those issues and make revenue to increase the share value.

Vodafone Idea Company’s Target for 2025 is first target is Rs. 13.40 And its second target is Rs. 15.00

Vodafone Share Price Target 2026

Vodafone Idea has a strong brand name in India. Because the past 20 years, they are in the market, and right now 5G is launching in India so there is a huge opportunity to grow their business. As experts predict Amazon is going to invest in Vodafone’s Idea, this will happen then Vodafone can able to do their future projects and make some good returns.

Vodafone Idea has a customer base, they need to update their plans and give some attractive offers to their customers. Right now they need funding from outside, if any company is interested to invest in Vodafone Idea then they can able to review their spot. Let us see what happens in the future.

Vodafone Idea Is Leading The Market In Kerala and Mumbai and if the company expands or increases its share in other regions the business will grow even better for this company Vodafone Idea Company’s Target for 2026 is first target is Rs. 18.00 And the second target is Rs. 19.70

Vodafone Share Price Target 2030

If you are a long-term investor in this Vodafone Idea company you should look for a good quality stock that will give you better returns and there is nothing exciting in this Vodafone Idea Company Right now

As of now the company is in a very poor financial condition and therefore the company is now at risk of being in a very poor financial position and unable to compete

The company will have to compete more and more and they will have to bring the customers of this company to them if Vodafone Idea succeeds in increasing its customers base in the future then the company will be on its way to growth

Vodafone Idea Company’s Target for 2030 is first target is Rs. 21.00 and the second target is Rs. 23.00

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FoundedSeptember 16, 1991
FoundersErnest Harrison, Garry Whent
HeadquartersNewbury Berkshire England, UK
Key PeopleJean Francois Van Boxmeer Chairman
ProductsFixed telephony, Mobile telephony, Broadband, Digital television, Internet television, IPTV, loT
Number Of Employees109,000 {2023}
DivisionsVodafone Global Enterprise
Vodafone Idea Advanced Chart

Vodafone Idea Business Model

We all know Vodafone works in the telecom sector the company provides services like 2G, 3G, 4G, volte and Wife integrated warless broadband the company is a national long-distance NLD and international long-distance ILD and also functions as an internet service provider ISP and suppers right now let us look at some of the main business of the company some of the things it mainly does

  • Internet service
  • Wireless Broadband
  • Mobile Telephone

Vodafone Idea Swot Analysis

Vodafone is a brand known for deep telecommunications in many countries Vodafone was originally from the United Kingdom and its headquarters are in Landon After its establishment in 1984 Vodafone has captivated the world with its wide distribution and smart marketing tactics

Strength Of Vodafone

  • Brand Valuation And Brand Recall: As of 2017 Vodafone’s brand value is 26 billion and apart from its valuation the brand equity and brand recall are so high that it is almost impossible for anyone not to mention Vodafone when talking about leading telecom companies
  • Subscriber Base: A big subscriber base maintain and as of 2017 Vodafone’s total subscribers worldwide are close to 450 billion people
  • Marketing: Vodafone’s marketing is very popular and is known to be followed everywhere in the world with an amazing and endearing look which has turned many users into its ardent fans
  • Revenue Generated: This mobile phone company earns billions of revenue every year and the latest figure for 2017 is $85.3 billion in revenue naturally it ranks 92 in its sales figures and 82 in market value in the global list

Weaknesses Of Vodafone

  • Poor Performance In Europe: Due to other economic conditions in Europe Vodafone is performing very poorly in the market not only is it unable to generate much revenue from the market only 45% percent of revenue comes from India and nothing from the US or UK
  • Losing market Share In USA: Although Vodafone has a country to maintain itself in the US it has been rapidly gaining markets share in the US and if we consider the US market alone they are doing much better than they are now
  • Dropping Subscriber Base: Vodafone has been losing its subscriber base in the last five years which is a big problem considering the global market scenario and the brand needs to quickly reinforce its core values

Competition Of Vodafone

  • Tata Teleservice
  • Reliance Comm
  • Accord Synergy
  • Vodafone Idea
  • Bharti Airtel
  • MTNL

Vodafone Idea Share Holding Pattern

Holders NamesPercentage
No Of shares 100%
Foreign Institutions3.48%
Bank Mutual Funds1.26%
General Public17.2%
Financial Institutions0.3%
Foreign Promoter58.46%

Vodafone Idea Share Price Target 2023, 2024, 2025, 2026, 2030,

First Target In [2023]Rs. 10.00
Second Target InRs. 10.70
First Target In [2024]Rs. 11.70
Second Target InRs. 12.40
First Target In [2025]Rs. 13.00
Second Target InRs. 13.60
First Target In [2026]Rs. 14.00
Second Target InRs. 15.00
First Target In [2030]Rs. 20.00
Second Target InRs. 25.00


The company made many mistakes along the way it was in heavy losses Idea had a debt of 750 Crores but despite the debt the company gave 250 Crores to their investors the mistake of this company is that the company takes loans to raise funds due to this the company has a huge debt burden

Short-term investors can invest in this stock but in the long term, it is clearly avoided if you like this article then give us your support thanks for reading the article completely


We have evaluated this company in this article but we are not SEBI-registered Advisors so you should invest in this company After doing your own research or seeking advice from your financial advisor

Vodafone Idea FAQ

What was Vodafone’s Highest Share Price?

Vodafone groups share value was Rs. 44.96 the highest in 2000 Mar 9

What Is the Share Price Target in 2030?

If Vodafone Limited will perform well in the Future its share value will be Rs. 20 and the second highest value is Rs. 25 by 2030

Will Vodafone Survive in the Future?

Vodafone Limited will get involved in the 5G network soon, if they will fail to raise money there is no way to bankrupt.

Will Vodafone will Bounce Bank In India?

Vodafone is the third largest mobile network communication provider in India, If Vodafone solves the issue with AGR then there will be a bright opportunity to bounce back in future

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