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Top 5 Private Bank Shares That Double The Investor’s Money In One Year!

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Here are the top 5 Private Banking Sector stocks that gave returns of up to 180% to investors in one year period of time. Let’s see the full details in this article.

This year many stocks performed well throughout the year, especially the banking stocks, whether it’s a private sector or PSU banking stocks. They have attained new heights in 2023. Also helps the Bank NIFTY hit its record-breaking high value.

Top 5 Private Bank Stocks that delivered multi-bagger Returns to Investors in one year

Here is the list of the Top 5 Private Banking stocks that deliver multi-bagger returns to investors in one year period of time.

1. Karur Vysya Bank

Karur Vysys Bank is at the top of this list because this Private Bank’s shares rose up to 180% in the last year. If we see its share price history, its share value gained up to 15% in the last month as well as a 20% gain in the last six months. While looking into the last year, its shares moved towards the upside and gained Rs.45 to Rs.129.

Karur Vysya TradingView Chart

Karur Vysya Bank Fundamentals

Market Cap10,328.26 Cr
P/E ratio9.55
Dividend Yield1.25
Debt to equity0.17
Return On Equity (ROE)13.67

2. Karnataka Bank

Karnataka Bank has outperformed in the last one year, whether its share price has risen up to 185% from Rs. 67.50 to Rs. 193. In the last month, its share value is in an uptrend, as its share price surged from Rs. 143 to Rs. 190, which is a 30% hike in the last month. Additionally, these multi-bagger stocks have given returns of up to 373% in the last 3 years.

Karnataka Bank Trading View Chart

Karnataka Bank Fundamentals

Market Cap6,028.21 Cr
P/E ratio5.28
Dividend Yield2.02%
Debt to equity0.19
Return On Equity (ROE)15.41

3. Equitas Small Finance Bank (SFB)

This Mid-cap capital company has delivered excellent results in recent times. Equitas small Finance Bank share value has rose 10% return to its shareholders in the last month. Whether its share value gain 65% in the last 6 month as well as 135% surged in the last year. This Private sector bank share value gain Rs.40 to Rs.93.80.

TradingView Chart For Equity small finance bank

Equitas Small Finance Bank Fundamentals

Market Cap10,433.69 Cr
P/E ratio17.74
Dividend Yield1.07%
Debt to equity0.58
Return On Equity (ROE)12.20%

4. IDFC First Bank

IDFC is a Large Cap company that shows great results in the past times. This company shares delivered upto 9.2% hike in the last one month. In YTD time its share value has return 30% to investors. From the last one year this company shares returns 140.21%.

top 5 private banks

IDFC First Bank TradingView Chart

IDFC First Bank Fundamentals

Market Cap101,074.3 Cr
P/E ratio12.43
Dividend YieldNA
Debt to equity2.21
Return On Equity (ROE)10.59%

5.RBL Bank

RBL Bank Ltd has delivered exponential results in the last one month. Whether its share value has raised from Rs.86.55 to Rs.184.70. In YTD period this shares gain upto 10% returns to investors. As well as this company shares gain upto 133.33%.

RBL TradingView Chart

RBL Ltd Fundamentals

Market Cap11,213 Cr
P/E ratio12.24
Dividend Yield1.57%
Debt to equity0.99
Return On Equity (ROE)7.06%
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