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Top 5 Multibagger Stocks Which Give up to 140% returns in April 2023.

Top Multibagger stocks that gave huge returns to Investors

.The Indian stock market has shown great positive intent in the year 2023. Many companies are performing so well and ended up with good returns with bullish trends. In this blog we discuss the best 5 stocks that gave multi-bagger to investors in the month of April 2023 let’s check out if you have any one of them.

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Indian stock market has shown multiple numbers of multi-bagger stocks in the year 2023. Most of the stocks which gave multi-bagger returns are in Mid-cap and Small-cap companies.

Multibagger Stocks in 2023

Multibagger stocks mean the stock that gives several times of return the cost of the stocks to investors are called multi-bagger. In recent times many micro-cap companies have delivered great returns and showed a positive market ending up to the month of April. Let’s see the best 5 stocks that become multi-baggers on April 2023.

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Top 5 Multi-bagger Stocks in 2023

Here is the list of the Top 5 Multi-bagger stocks in April 2023.

Pulsar International, W S Industries, IB infotech, Kakatiya Textiles, Maag Advertising, and Marketing Services.

Pulsar International

Pulsar international limited is a Non-Banking Finance Servicing company that was incorporated in 1990 in the stock market. In the last month, the company shares gain up to 140.24%, and In the last 3 months, the company stocks have risen up to 1034.98%. Pulsar Internation Limited is a small-cap company with a total market capitalization of INR 34 Cr.

The company’s share value was Rs. 10.52 on Feb 23, but right now its share value is raised up to Rs. 108.34.

Pulsarinternational Tadingview chart

W S Industries

W S Industries was listed in the Bombay Stock Exchange BSE and the National Stock Exchange NSE. The company is a small-cap company with a total market capitalization of Rs. 340 Cr. These company stocks rise from Rs. 32.31 to Rs. 86.81 in the month of April 2023. The company does business in the manufacturing of porcelain and ceramics products.

WS Shares Tradingview chart

IB Infotech

This micro-cap company with a total capitalization of Rs. 18 Cr has given returns up to 124.25% in April 2023. The company shares have risen from Rs. 68 to Rs. 132 in the last month, with low trade volume. The company was listed in the XT category on the Bombay Stock Exchange.

IB Infotech Tradingview Chart

Kakatiya Textiles

Kakatiya Textiles is the micro-cap company that delivers a 96.62% of hike in the last month. The company has a total market cap of Rs.27.04 Cr, in April its share value was rise from Rs.22.55 to Rs.51.55. The key business of Kakatiya Textiles is the production and distribution of Cotton Yarn and textiles.

Kakatiya Textiles Tradingview chart

Maagh Advertising & Marketing Services

This Micro-cap company delivers a multi-bagger return in April 2023, while this circuit-to-circuit stock has gained Rs.14.71 to Rs. 33.61 in the last month. The company has a total market cap of Rs. 9.95 Cr.

Maag Advertising And Marketing Tradingview Chart

Top 5 Multibagger Stcoks In April 2023

Compnay NameMarket Cap in Cr
Pulsar International34
W S Industries340
IB Infotech18
Kakatiya Textiles27.04
Maagh Advertising & Marketing services9.95


These are the top 5 micro-cap stocks that deliver multi-bagger returns to investors in April 2023, these are circuit-to-circuit stocks.


This article is only for educational purposes, before investing make sure to research current market conditions and seek advice from your financial advisor.


Is it Safe to invest in small-cap stocks?

Irrespective of the company stocks you can select the best-performing stocks for good returns.

Which sector stocks is best for long-term investment?

You can pick a wide range of product companies for long-term investment and high market capitalization companies like ITC, HUL, and HDFC Bank shares are the best examples of long-term stocks.

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