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This Large-Cap Stock turns Rs.10,000 into Rs.3 lakhs

This large-cap stock delivers exponential returns to investors like if you invest just Rs. 10,000 in this company in just 10 years your stock value has risen up to Rs.3lakshs. Today we going to see one of the best multi-bagger stocks which gave consistent returns to investors in the long-term investment.

TVS motors is the company that gave up to 3000% of returns of investors’ money in the last decade. This means if an investor had invested Rs. 10,000 would have returned 3 lakhs.

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Large-cap stock

TVS Motor Large-cap

TVS is the leading Automobile company that deals with the manufacturing and marketing of Automobiles and spare parts in domestic and international markets. This company has 24% of the market share in the 2-wheeler segment till Jun 2023.

TradingView Chart of TVS Motors

Market Capitalization64,412 Cr
P/E ratio44.26
PB ratio10.55
Div Yield0.37%
Annual Revenue Growth31.67%
Return On Equity24.56
EBITDA 13.15

This automobile company shows stable growth in terms of revenue and income. And its ROE and ROCE percentage are also good. Its ROE is 24.13% which outperformed its last 5 years’ CAGR of 19.86%.


TVS Motors is a well-established automobile company in the domestic and international markets. Additionally, the company has strong brand recognition which helps ensure stable revenue growth. In the future, this company will make a big impact and become a leading automobile manufacturer globally. So, you can keep an eye on this large-cap automobile stock for better returns in the future.

Note: This article is only for education purposes, We are not SEBI-registered Financial advisors. Before investing your money make sure to analyze current market conditions and take advice from SEBI registered financial advisor.

Is TVS Motors is Debt-Free Company?

TVS Motor’s Debt-to-equity ratio is 3.93%

Is the best option for long-term investment in TVS motors Shares?

If the market conditions keep evolving in the future, as a reputed automobile company TVS Motors could be the best option for long-term investment.

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