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Route Mobile Share Price Target 2023, 2024, 2025, 2026, 2030

Hi guys, this article we discuss on Route Mobile Share Price Target. Route Mobile is a Cloud Communication service Provider Company in India. If you looking to invest in tech-based shares this article will help you, we deeply discuss Route Mobile Limited Business model and also analyze the company’s business model and its previous performance, the company’s strengths and weaknesses, and financials.

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Before investing we need to know the basics of that company and the current market trends and upcoming opportunities, it gives us more insights into us to invest in the long term is worth it or not. Friends let us see the detailed analysis of route mobile share price base and Route Mobile Ltd Share Price Target 2023, 2024, 2025, 2026, and 2030.

Route Mobile Share Price Target 2023, 2024, 2025, 2026, 2030

Route Mobile is an Indian-based Cloud Communications Providing service platform (CPaaS), established in 2004 and headquartered in Mumbai. The company provides services like cloud communications platform providers for over-the-top (OTT) and mobile network operators (MNO), messaging solutions, voice chatbots, identity solutions, and emailers.

Route Mobile Share Price Target 2023

Route Mobile is a small-cap company that has a total market value of Rs. 8.43 Thousand Cr. The company’s performance was so good in the previous years, it gave good returns over the years to investors. We can look at the potential opportunity in the telecommunication service sector in India and the global market.

Route Mobile Limited is India’s fastest-growing company in Technology and Telecom sector and 2nd position in the UK for India-based companies. Currently, the company share trading value is Rs.1350- Rs.1360, and it’s looking strong in the upcoming days, so we can expect Route Mobile Limited Share Price Target at the end of 2023 Rs.1480 and the second highest value is Rs.1510

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Route Mobile Share Price Target 2024

Route Mobile Limited has a wide range of products and services, including solutions in messaging, voice email, sms filtering, analytics and monetization, and many more. Route Mobile provides world-class services to their customers due to that they keep on increasing their upcoming projects.

Route Mobile has diverse enterprise clients in all the fields like social media companies, banks and financial institutions, and e-commerce and aviation aggregators. route share price Target 2024 is Rs. 1600 and the second target is Rs.1630

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Route Mobile Share Price Target 2025

Route Mobile keeps updating its services like the newly launched Roubot, a customizable no-code chatbot platform for interacting with Chat GPT and NLP search engines. Route Mobile has a wide customer base with a global presence in Asia Pacific, the Middle East, Africa, Europe, and America.

Route Mobile IPO issued on 21 Sep 2020. If we look at the previous financial statements the company was outperformed in the last three years. The company’s annual revenue growth is 42.19% and 3 Year CAGR of 32.99%. Its share value is well performing over the period of time.

The company makes more revenue in each financial year, 968.10Cr in FY 2020, 1422.15Cr in FY 2021, and 2022.09Cr in FY 2022 which is indicated to increase the sales growth of up to 46% over the years and looking strong

Route Mobile Share Price Target 2025 is Rs.1770 and the second target is Rs. 1810

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Route Mobile Share Price Target 2026

Route Mobile has a strong base with over 900 plus (MNOs) Super Network Connections and a presence in more than 20 countries, 30K plus digital transformations globally. The company has its own BPO services to rectify its customer’s problems and to enhance its service and business.

The company has worked with different sectors like finance, Ecommerce, healthcare, Telecommunications, and Hospitality. There is a lot of opportunity in the telecom industry upcoming days. Route Mobile Limited Share Price in 2026 is Rs. 1970 and the second highest target is Rs. 2090

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Route Mobile Share Price Target 2030

Right now the company is debt free for the last five years, the company’s average profit growth is 45.7% in the last 3 years. As we can see the company’s bottom line is so strong, it can perform well as per the upcoming market conditions. And the company not only depends on single-sector service, but it also had a wide range of options, and they work with a collaboration basis in government and private clients.

Route Mobile Limited is now one of the leading network providers in Saudi Arabia (Route Mobile Arabia Telecom Limited). Also, they had a tie-up with Uganda and Srilankan Governments for telecommunication services. Like that Route, Mobile is keep expanding its business in the global market.

Route Mobile Share Price Target 2030 by Rs.3650 and the second target is Rs.3800

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Route Mobile Limited Profile

Founded Year2004
Founder NameRajdip Gupta
Headquarters PlaceMumbai, India
Area ServedIndia
Key PeopleRajdip Gupta, [MD Group CEO] Sandip Gupata [Cahirman]
ProductsMessaging Solutions, Voice, Chatbot, Identity Solutions, Emailer
Number Of Employees700 + [2022]

Business Model Of Route Mobile Limited

Route Mobile Limited is an Indian base cloud communication platform provider that offers a range of services to customers, mobile network operators, and over-the-top (OTT) players. The company provides services through the cloud-based platform to their customers to communicate via multiple channels, like SMS, email, voice, and Chatbots.

The company also expands its business core communication services, including digital payments, prepaid and postpaid recharges, bill payments, and money transfers. Route Mobile is the largest CPaas ( communication platform as a service) in Asia.

The company has a direct link with more than 250 MNOs (Mobile Network Operators) with access to over 800 mobile networks. The company has been able to deliver services over the globe to clients in multiple geographies.

Route Mobile Limited Strengths

  • Strong Momentum is the price above the short medium and long-term moving averages
  • This company is a company with zero promoter commitment language
  • The Book value per share has been improving over the past 2 years
  • Net Profit has been improving for the last 2 years
  • Debt is nothing to the company

Other Strengths

  • The Company has a senior management team and experienced promoters
  • Route Mobile Company has a scalable distribution platform backed by strong infrastructure
  • A portfolio for global clients

Route Moblie Limited Weaknesses

  • The RoCE of the company has been declining drastically for the 2 years
  • The company’s ROE is at its lowest in 2 years
  • The company has not been able to generate net cash flow
  • Competition is very tough for the company

Others Weakness

  • The company relies on third-party technology systems which may harm the company
  • The company relies on specific customers for a large part and the top 5 customers contributed 40% of the revenue last 2 years
  • Route Mobile company has seen negative sales growth for the past 2 years

Route Mobile Limited Competitors

  • Educomp Solution Ltd
  • Crown Lifters Ltd
  • BLS International Services Ltd
  • ANI Integrated Services Ltd
  • Affle India Ltd
  • Arvi Encon Ltd

Shareholding Pattern-Route Mobile Ltd

Promoters66.3 %
FII8.6 %
DII0.0 %
Public0.0 %
Others25.0 %

Route Mobile Share Price Target 2023, 2024, 2025, 2026, 2030

YearsFirst TargetSecond Target
route mobile share price target 2021Rs. 1600Rs. 1700
route mobile share price target 2022Rs. 1100Rs. 1200
route mobile share price target 2023Rs. 1480Rs. 1510
route mobile share price target 2024Rs. 1600Rs. 1630
route mobile share price target 2025Rs. 1770Rs. 1810
route mobile share price target 2026Rs. 1970Rs. 2090
route mobile share price target 2030Rs. 3650Rs. 3800


The numbers are mentioned in this article for reference purposes only, We wrote this article to educate my readers, we discuss Route Mobile Share Price history and target Route Mobile IPO, companies’ strengths and weaknesses. Also, we never promote buying this company share.

If you looking for long-term investment, in my opinion, these shares will give you good returns in the long run, their fundamentals are strong and importantly the company is totally debt free, so we can see the positive market trends and demand is increasing in the telecommunication sector. Hope you liked this article if you have any questions comment below.


We write this article only for educational purposes, we are not registered advisors like SEBI. Before investing follow your financial advisor and do your own market research. The value mentioned here is may vary due to market conditions.

FAQ-Route Moblie ltd

When is Route Mobile IPO Released?

21 Sep 2020 is the route mobile listed

What is the Route Mobile Limited Share price target for 2025?

According to our analysis, If the market conditions are going smoothly and steadily then the route mobile share price in 2025 will be Rs.1770 and the second value is Rs. 1810

Route Mobile share is good for long-term investment?

Yes, you can invest in route mobile limited shares for long-term investment, Route mobile is fundamentally strong and is debt-free, and market conditions also look good.

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