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PNB Share Price Target 2023, 2024, 2025, 2026, 2030

PNB Share Price Target 2023, 2024, 2025, 2026, 2030 PNB, or Punjab National Bank is one of the oldest and reputed banks in India but after Nirav Modi’s PNB scam this Punjab National Bank had to face a lot of hardships and difficulties. In recent times this private banking share getting more focus from many investors. So, we going to analyze PNB stocks in this article.

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Evaluating the company’s business and financial fundamentals will give us more insight into its future share performances. Also, we deeply analyze the company’s financial stability as well as whether investing in PNB shares will give us good returns or not. Let’s see PNB Share Price Target for 2023, 2024, 2025, 2026, and 2030.

PNB Share Price Target 2023, 2024, 2025, 2026, 2030

PNB stocks also fell from around Rs,230 to 20.30, if you have invested or want to invest in PNB stocks please search for accurate information and I hope this article will give you that information

Market Cap68,929 Cr
Operating Revenue99,084.9 (12 month Basis)
ROE 3%
P/E ratio20.6%
Sector P/E26.3%
Revenue growth Per Year38%
Dividend Yield1%
Payout Ratio21%

PNB or Punjab National Bank was originally started by Dayal Singh Majithia and Lala Lajpat Rai on 19th, May 1894 PNB was nationalized on July 1970 now it is functioning under the Ministry of Finance

PNB Share Price Target 2023

PNB is a well-known national bank of India and Punjab National Bank is a bailout but the bank has lost its investors’ confidence in the past 10 years A bit lacking in confidence

Punjab National Bank FY Quarterly Results

  • In the last quarter, FY23 the company’s total revenue was 28,123 Cr which is 7.65% higher than the previous quarter’s results.
  • PAT (Profit After Tax) is 1,864.3 Cr also 163.2% higher than the previous quarterly results.
  • Cash flow was increased by 17.24% to the previous results.
  • EPS (Earnings Per share) is 1.69

In the last 10 years, compound profit growth ROE share price CAGR are all negative in the bank and in the last 2 financial years the income of the bank has increased slightly but this growth should continue we can see good growth in the stock

In 2022 the stock was trading in a fairly stable range but now the stocks have seen a breakout after a good consolidation by the end of 2023, PNB stocks are expected to get the following target the first target is Rs. 68, and the second target for Rs. 75.

PNB Share First Target Price 2023Rs.68
PNB Share Second Target Price 2023Rs.75

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PNB Share Price Target 2024

PNB has increased its market share by 6.5% percent as of 30, March 2022, making PNB the second largest public sector bank outright also the first domestic bank in India is Punjab National Bank PNB is a bank and financial services bank owned by the Government of India

The bank has shown its growth in all segments such as advanced, agriculture, retail, and MSME business, and the household CASA ratio as of March 31st, 2022, was 45.45% percent which is higher than 45.46% percent as of March 31st, 2021.

PNB share value was rose upto 96.55% in the last one year.

Consolidate Financials

Apart from this Punjab National Bank has a very strong cash flow maintenance and if the company posts good results in the near future the stocks can see good growth in 2024 PNB National Bank’s first Target is Rs.85 and the second target is Rs. 90

PNB Share First Target Price 2024Rs.85
PNB Share Second Target Price 2024Rs.90

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PNB Share Price Target 2025

Punjab National Bank this bank has been showing good growth lately but there are still many challenges in front of the company knows very well that once customer trust is broken it is very difficult to rebuild it

Looking at the performance of public sector banks over the past 10 years public sector banks have disappointed more than private sector banks whereas these stocks are expected to deliver good returns to their investors in the coming years

Also, the current financial position of the company is not favorable for the bank but if PNB Punjab National Bank fights back and fights well against its competitors then a good PNB stocks price target can be seen in 2025

Also, the Punjab National Bank share price target is 2025 the first target is Rs. 120 and the second target is Rs. 130

PNB Share First Target Price 2025Rs.120
PNB Share Second Target Price 2025Rs.130

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PNB Share Price Target 2026

Punjab National Bank we know that competition in this sector is high and nowadays mobile banks and Virtual credit cards have started giving competition to banks

So in coming times, banks will have to adopt various marketing strategies to maintain their market share and it is very worrying that private banks are taking away market share from public sector banks

Punjab National Bank is currently trying to reduce its NPA but at the same time, the bank should make continuous efforts to increase its advances as well and expected price for 2026 is first target price is Rs. 180 and the second target price is Rs. 200.

PNB Share First Target Price 2026Rs.180
PNB Share Second Target Price 2026Rs.200

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PNB Share Price Target 2030

Valuing a company is as important as valuing the economy and the industry Banking is going to play a very important role in the Indian economy in the coming times

But now we have to see which bank can benefit the most from this and along with this PNB Bank should expand more services like mutual funds, insurance, and MSME, business by expanding these services it will be easy for the bank to capture more market share

Punjab National Bank’s share price target for 2030 is first target price is expected at Rs. 600 and the second target price is Rs. 650

PNB Share First Target Price 2030Rs.600
PNB Share Second Target Price 2030Rs.650

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Overview Of Punjab National Bank

IndustryBanking, Financial Services
Founded Year19, May 1894
Founder NameDyal Singh Majithia,Lala Lajpat rai
Headquarters PlaceDwarka, Delhi, India
Number Of Locations11,809
Key PeopleK G Ananthakrishnan [Non-Ex Chairman] Atul Kumar Goel [MD & CEO]
OwnerGovernment Of India
Number Of Employees103,144 [2022]
SubsidiariesPNB Metlife India Insurance Company, PNB Housing Finance Limited
Capital Ratio15.15% [2022]

Business Model Of Punjab National Bank

Punjab National Bank abbreviated as PNB is an Indian public sector bank based in New Delhi the bank was established in May 1894 and is the third largest public sector bank in India in terms of its business volumes and its network the bank has 180 million customers and 12,248 branches and 13,000 ATMs

PNB was the first Indian bank started with only Indian capital it was a commercial bank established in 1881 but failed in 1958 and Mahatma Gandhi, Jawaharlal Nehru, Lal Bahadur Shastri, Indira Gandhi, and the committee held these PNB accounts

Strengths Of Punjab National Bank

  • A wide range of employees and customers: It has more than 50, Thousand employees and serves more than 180 million customers and has a wide range of employees and customers
  • Best reliable plans: Punjab National Bank focuses more on offering the best reliable schemes mainly to small and medium businessmen hence these schemes are very effective promotions of the bank and define as important
  • Diversified activities: Punjab National Bank has diversified operations with 5000 branches and is widely recognized due to their diversified operations and various branches are recognized
  • Second largest commercial bank: It is the second largest commercial bank in India which is state-owned and has around 12,248 branches in 765 cities so the popularity and recognition of Punjab national bank are slightly higher than other commercial banks

Weaknesses Of Punjab National Bank

  • Bad reputation: Legal problems related to employees have given commercial banks a bad name and because of this the bank has lost a huge reputation the importance to change is this the bank should try to improve its past legal problems and change the bad reputation into a healthy and rich name
  • Very less presence in rural areas: This bank is still not recognized in rural areas as its branches are very less in rural areas and hence presence in rural areas is low
  • Adequate advertising: A very efficient amount of advertising and branding is necessary for any brand to take a leading position in the market it is in the bank is very popular and diversified whereas compared to other banks this bank has failed in the way of advertising and thus this bank is lagging and thus this behind in advertising

Opportunities For Punjab National Bank

  • Providing excellent customer service: If the company provides good customer service it will not only attract more customers but also get better feedback
  • Initiate unique projects: Punjab National Bank may launch new schemes for savings account holders to expand its cash deposit ratio
  • Emphasis on business loans: In order to attract more customers the business loan provided can be spelled accessories to increase the profit of its business company will be very dependent on the customers
  • Installation of ATMs: By installing more ATMs customers can benefit and get better feedback for the company as it becomes easier for people to withdraw their money whenever and wherever they want

Threats To Punjab National Bank

  • Threats of competitors: As the banking industry expands new competitors will enter the market and the bank may keep its old competitors at the top list soon this will cause the bank to lose its rank and fall so the bank should always be ready to face both the consequences of profit and loss as soon as possible to develop strategy planning
  • Regulations of Govt: Strict government regulations also pose major threats to banking as make some changes but strict regulations can always bring interference and lead to unnecessary changes that disrupt development
  • Fluctuations in the economy: A major threat to the banking sector is the fluctuations and crises in the economy so the bank should always be alert as changes in the economy may affect the bank due to unnecessary delays and reduced demand

Shareholding Pattern Of Punjab National Bank

Holder’s NamePercentage %
No Of Shares100. %
Promoters73.15 %
Foreign Institutions1.71 %
N Banks Mutual Funds4.05 %
Others1.77 %
General Public10.39 %
Financial Institutions8.93 %

PNB Share Price Target 2023, 2024, 2025, 2026, 2030

YearsFirst TargetSecond Target
[2023]Rs. 68Rs. 75
[2024]Rs. 85Rs. 90
[2025]Rs. 120Rs. 130
[2026]Rs. 180Rs. 200
[2030]Rs. 600Rs. 650


PNB will be returned to its normal activities and be able to make more revenue in the upcoming days. Also, you can see its share value has hiked up to 100% in the last one year. And its debt ratio has also decreased, which helps it grow faster in the future. You can expect great results from PNB shares in the next 3 years.

Valuation of bank stocks is a difficult task because there is a lot of difference in valuation between a normal company and a banking company whereas this PNB bank is a good and reputed bank and being with the Government of India gives additional benefits

So today in this article we have discussed PNB share price targets for 2023, 2024, 2025, 2026, and 2030 friends if you like this information please share it with your friends on social media networks and post your valuable suggestions on the below comment box and thanks for reading the article completely


In this article, we have evaluated this company but we are not SEBI registered advisors so if you want to invest in this company you should do your own research or take advice from a financial advisor

FAQ-Punjab National Bank

Can I buy PNB stock?

you can easily buy PNB shares First, you open the Demat account

What is the share price target of PNB by 2025?

The target price of Punjab National Bank by 2025 is expected Rs.150 -180.

What is the share price target of PNB by 2030?

As per the technical analysis of PNB stocks, you can expect its share price by 2030 will rise up to Rs.600 (As per the current market conditions)

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