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Lloyd Steel Share Price Target 2023, 2024, 2025, 2026, 2030 Good earnings

Hi, guys today we are going to discuss in this article about Lloyd Steel Share Price Target or Share Price Prediction. If you are searching the internet for “Lloyd Steel Share Price Target” then this is an article where you can see an in-depth analysis of this company.

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We look deeply into the company’s fundamentals, strengths, weaknesses, and opportunities. Also, discuss the business model and financial stability, which gives you more insight into how the company is looking forward to upcoming market demand.

Is it necessary to evaluate the company’s business strategy and potential for market growth in the upcoming days, for an investor you have in-depth details of the company before investing. So you can expect the investment to be worth it or not. Let’s start the discuss Lloyd Steel Share Price Target for 2023, 2024, 2025, 2026, and 2030.

Lloyd Steel Share Price Target 2023, 2024, 2025, 2026, 2030

Designer and manufacturer of heavy equipment machinery and systems for the hydrocarbon sector Oil and gas steel plants power plants boilers and turnkey projects

IndustryIndustrial machinery, Iron & Steel
Founded Year1974
Founder NameMukesh R. Gupta
Headquarters PlaceMaharashtra, India
Key PeopleShri Mukesh Rajnarayan Gupta [Chairman & Wholtime Director] Mr. Satyandra Narain Singh [Indipentet Director]n Mrs. Bela Sundar Rajan [Indipendent Women Director]
Number Of Employees300+500

Lloyd Steel Share Price Target 2023

Lloyd Steel was established in 1974 and is headquartered in Mumbai. Lloyd Steel deals with the designing and manufacturing of Heavy equipment and machinery and system for Hydro carbon projects, Oil and gas, steel plants, power plants, Nuclear Plant Boilers, and Turnkey projects.

The company outperformed in the past 5 years, it was the multi-bagger stock for investors in 2022. The company’s share value in 2017 is Rs.1.70 in 2017 the next five years it claimed over Rs.11.80 that’s a multi-bagger return of 594.2%.

Lloyd Steel Share Price Target 2023: If the company keeps increasing its revenue growth and market demand also raising definitely you can expect the share value by 2023 to be Rs. 22 and after reaching this you can see the second target value is Rs. 25

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Lloyd Steel Share Price Target 2024

Lloyd Steel Share Price Today is Rs. 19.65 (26-2-2023), the Sector P/E ratio is 6.47, and the company’s P/E ratio is 61.43 which shows the share value is slightly overvalued. And 52-week H/L is 25.30 and 8.15 the company’s EPS value is 0.32, the dividend yield is 0 because in the last FY the company shows negative revenue growth.

The market demand for steel products is increasing year by year, so the company needs to change its business strategy to generate revenue in the upcoming days. The company will look forward to making good revenue growth by utilizing it’s per capita and other sources.

Lloyd Steel Share Price Target 2024: In order to increase its sales you can see good results in the upcoming days, you can expect the share value in 2024 to be Rs. 27 and the second share target price is Rs. 30

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Lloyd Steel Share Price Target 2025

Lloyd Steels shows good profit in last quarter. QoQ Dec 2022 shows 59.50 Cr total revenue which is 88% high as compared to the previous quarter, and EBIT growth is 135% to the previous year. So you can expect the company can definitely perform well in the upcoming days.

Lloyd is investing to expand its manufacturing capacity for upcoming market demand. The company is trying to reduce its debt value as well as increase its revenue growth by investing more and more in the expansion of its manufacturing capacity.

Lloyd Steel Share Price Target 2025: If the company can reduce its debt value and increases its sales then you can see excellent results in the upcoming days, you can expect the share value to be Rs. 33 and the second highest target price is Rs. 35.

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Lloyd Steel Share Price Target 2026

Lloyd is a small-cap company that has a total market value of Rs. 2,061.44 Cr. The company mainly deals with Metal-Ferous Sector. The company has to work hard between the biggest players like SAIL, Tata Steels, JSW, and Essar. Lloyd needs to focus on expanding its capacity for production and improving its revenue.

The value of the steel market in India is 75850 million USD by 2021, and it’s increasing each year. You can see the potential in the steel sector. The company needs to utilize those upcoming opportunities and make more revenue in the future.

Lloyd Steel Share Price Target 2026: If the company able to shows growth in the next one or two years you can expect its share price to be Rs. 41 and the second target value to be Rs.45

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Lloyd Steel Share Price Target 2030

Lloyd spends around 800 million to diversify its core business area. The company has 4 plants in 3 different locations in India. The company has an operating revenue of Rs. 157 Cr and annual revenue growth is –28% which has to be improved and pre-tax margin of 24% is great, an ROE of 4% needs to improve and the company has 14% of debt to equity.

Lloyd is a fundamentally strong company that can show results in long run, you can expect this share could be a multi-bagger in the upcoming days. Don’t forget this company already shows excellent results in previous days.

Lloyd Share Price Target 2030: This penny stock has the capacity to give huge returns in the upcoming days, you can expect the share value by 2030 to be Rs.75 and the second target is Rs.80

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Business Model Of Lloyd Steel Industries

The Company is spread across 4 plants across 3 major locations in India ensuring synergy between its business initiatives and expanding into key business areas diversified Focus on production and engineering products ETC.

Lloyd plants divisions are equipped with state-of-the-art equipment and excellent infrastructure like hydroelectricity fiber connectivity and townships Lloyd’s commitment to customer service has ensured team cohesion in tough times and growth in emerging business ventures

Strengths Of Lloyd Steel

  • Price above long-term and short-term moving averages
  • Growth in operating profit increase in operating margins Yoy
  • The debt to the company is very low
  • The book value per share has been improving over the past 2 years
  • Stocks with stable and high returns over 5 years
  • FII/FPI or Companies increasing their holdings now
  • Good quarterly growth in recent results

Weaknesses Of Lloyd Steel

  • High advertiser share commitments
  • Negative results tertiary support [LTP-S3]

Opportunity Of Lloyd Steel

  • Recovery from the 50-week low to the high
  • Positive on profit growth and negative on sales growth with strong price momentum
  • High-speed technical scores of over 50
  • Today price is higher than SMA5 and higher than SMA20
  • One Month crosses the 200-day SMA and the current price is above the opened

Industries Served

  • Hydrocarbon
  • Steel
  • Nuclear Power
  • Marine
  • Ports, Jetty, and Refineries
  • EPC/Civil

Shareholding Pattern Of Lloyd Steel

Holder’s NamePercentage %
No Of Shares100. %
Promoters57.65 %
Foreign Institutions0.01 %
N Banks Mutual Funds 0.03 %
Others4.97 %
General Public37.29 %
Financial Institutions0.04 %

Lloyd Steel Share Price Target 2023, 2024, 2025, 2026, 2030

YearsFirst TargetSecond Target
[2023]Rs. 22Rs. 25
[2024]Rs. 27Rs. 30
[2025]Rs. 33Rs. 35
[2026]Rs. 41Rs. 45
[2030]Rs. 75Rs. 80


Lloyd has strong fundamental and financial stability, we can see the Indian steel market’s total value is around 700 million USD, and the company has the capacity to utilize that opportunity in the future. Lloyd’s shares outperformed and gave huge returns over the period. You can definitely expect a multi-bagger from Lloyd Steel as a long-term investment.

This article is only for educating our readers, the value mentioned here is only for reference purposes, before taking any investment actions do your own research. If you have any questions comment below and share with your friends. Keep engaged with for the latest update news on share price targets.


In this article, we have evaluated this company but we are not SEBI registered advisors so if you want to invest in this company you should do your own research or take advice from a financial advisor

FAQ-Lloyd Steel

Can Lloyd Steel be a multi-bagger?

One of the multi-bagger stocks Lloyd steels industries has gained 306.90 cents in a year, so you can expect Lloyd Steel can able to multi-bagger in the future also.

Can I buy Lloyds steel share?

You can easily buy Lloyds Steel finds shares in growth by creating a Demat account and getting the KYC document verified online

Is it safe to buy Lloyd shares for the long term?

As per the in-depth chart analysis, you can hold Lloyd shares for the long term which you will get huge returns in the future.

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