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Biocon Share Price Target 2023, 2024, 2025, 2026, 2030

Biocon is the Indian Pharmaceutical company that produces and distribution medecine in the domestic market and internationally. In this article we discuss Biocon share Price Target and its upcoming share performance analysis.

In the last two Quarterly financial results the company shows good profit and sales growth, as well as keep improving their profit growth. Let’s discuss briefly about Biocon business fundamentals and its financial stability. Also we can discuss whether investing on Biocon shares will gave good returns or not for long term investment.

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Past 40 years this company has been producing medicines and supplements. We briefly discuss the company profile to understand how to share value will be in the future. Let us see Biocon Share Price Target 2023, 2024, 2025, 2026, and 2030

Biocon Share Price Target 2023, 2024, 2025, 2026, 2030

Biocon is one of the leading pharma companies in India, they manufacture medicines for some rare diseases and export them all over the world. In 1978 Biocon was established by Mr. Kiran Mazumdar-Shaw. They are currently dealing with two companies Biocon Biologics and Syngenta International Subsidiary Company.

Biocon Share Price Target 2023

Biocon Limited is a Bangalore-based biopharmaceutical company, they manufacture generic active pharmaceutical ingredients (API) and export to around 120 countries in the world. Biocon is a small-cap value company whose share price was quite performing well in previous years.

After the Covid Crisis due to the high demand for medicine and its by-products Biocon accelerate its business. This company has more than 40 years in the industry and has a positive name in the market. So in the future, there is a big opportunity to expand their business.

The Company’s Target For 2023 Is First Target Is Rs. 270 And Second Target Is Rs. 290

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First TargetRs.270
Second TargetRs.290

Biocon Share Price Target 2024

In 2021 Biocon had an agreement with the Serum Institute of Technology to deliver 100 million doses of vaccine for the next 15 years. Then they had so many collaborations with different companies, especially in the USA they tie up with Amylin Pharma R&D and manufacture diabetic medicines.

As we analyze the company’s financial performance, it was good and the share value also increases. Upto 2022 P/E value of the share is 47.00. Right now share value is overvalued in the market.

The Company’s Target For 2024 Is First Target Is Rs.310 And Second Target Is Rs. 320

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First TargetRs.310
Second TargetRs.320

Biocon Share Price Target 2025

biogen Pharmachem share price target 2025 this company In the upcoming days Biocon Limited is to expand their API production. Hence, they decided to open a manufacturing unit in Vishakhapatnam at the end of 2023. Biocon has a strong infrastructural base in R&D and for manufacturing biopharma products.

Biocon is a virtually debt-free company and its market cap is around Rs. 28.80T Cr till 2022. And companies debt to equity ratio is also very low which is 0.68. So there is a huge potential for Biocon Limited in the Future.

The company is producing efficient cash flow and the ratio of health liquidity position is 4.07, they decide to manufacture serious infections like Clostridium Difficile Infection (CDI) for long-term supply in the market.

The Company’s Target For 2025 Is First Target Is Rs. 360 And Second Target Is Rs. 400

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First TargetRs.360
Second TargetRs.400

Biocon Share Price Target 2026

If we look at the company’s revenue in 2022 is 14.57% growth, 2021 13.31% growth. The company spends less than 1% of its operating revenue towards its interest expenses and employees’ salary was 22.97% up to 31st March 2022.

Now the company is trying to invent new medicines and antibodies to enhance its business in the international market, many of its samples are waiting for approval from the government, and in the future Biocon shares will be in a good place.

The Company’s Target For 2026 Is First Target Is Rs. 420 And Second Target Is Rs. 440

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First TargetRs.420
Second TargetRs.440

Biocon Share Price Target 2030

There is so much competition in the Pharma industry, so this company needs so much effort to maintain its spot and increase its market value globally. The Pharma industry is highly regulated, each and every country has its own regulation policy, so the company adopts thus

The Company’s Target For 2030 Is First Target Is Rs. 610 And Second Target Is Rs. 630

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First TargetRs.610
Second TargetRs.630

Biocon Company Business Model

Biocon Is India’s Largest Biotechnology Company started In 1978 in a small car park in Bangalore Today the company Ranks 16th globally in the high-tech sector and has business ties with around 50 countries globally

The chairman of this company is Mr.Kiran Mazumdar and his husband Jansha holds 60 percent of the total Shareholding of the company This company has been issuing shares since 2004 the institute was started In 1994 by Dr.Abdul Kalam at Biocon Park in suburban Bangalore

FounderKiran Mazumdar-Shaw
HeadquartersBangalore Karnataka India
Key PeopleSidharth Mittal, [CEO Biocon LTD] Arun Chandavarkar, [Managing Director, Biocon LTD] Shreehas P Tambe [Deputy Chief Officer Biocon LTD]
ProductsBiologics, Small Molecules, Branded, Formulations, Research Service
Number Of Employees9,234 [2017]
Biocon Limited Advanced Chart

Biocon Company Swot Analysis

To Better Understand The Reasons For The Growth Of this company and the performance capabilities of this company we must first understand the Swot analysis of this company which is necessary for any business to survive and operate in the market

Biocon Company Strength

  • The Company has a good operating leverage with an average operating leverage of 2.08
  • Holdings were promoted in a high-quality manner
  • The company has a healthy interest ratio of 340.20
  • 59.10 days later has an efficient cash flow cycle
  • The company has high liquidity
  • This company is a debt-free company

Biocon Company Weaknesses

  • This Company Has a poor Roce Of 3.65% in last 4 years
  • The company has a shown poor ROE of 4.60% in the last 4 years
  • This Company has shown the worst earnings growth of 14.60% in the last 4 years
  • This company has shown a gross profit growth of 43.08% in the last 4 years

Competitors Of Biocon Company

  • Sun Pharma ADV
  • Windlass Biotech
  • Piramal Phytocare
  • Biocon

Biocon Company Shareholding Pattern

Holders Name Percentage
Banks Mutual Funds3.05 %
Financial Institutions4.67 %
Foreign Institutions16.31 %
Foreign Promoters20.91 %
General Public10.72 %
No Of Shares100.%
Promoters39.73 %
Others3.89 %
GDR0.73 %

Biocon Share Price Target 2023, 2024, 2025, 2026, 2030

YearsFirst TargetSecond Target
Biocon Share Price Target 2021Rs. 300Rs. 360
Biocon Share Price Target 2022Rs. 240Rs. 260
Biocon Share Price Target 2023Rs. 270Rs. 290
Biocon Share Price Target 2024Rs. 310Rs. 320
Biocon Share Price Target 2025Rs. 360Rs. 400
Biocon Share Price Target 2026Rs. 420Rs. 440
Biocon Share Price Target 2030Rs. 610Rs. 630


Biocon is a pharmaceutical company, it’s difficult to maintain the company’s growth in such a competitive industry. Biocon has the capacity to perform well as we have seen in the last couple of years they are not performing well, and I hope they will rectify it in the future.

Biocon has an experienced management team and makes sure to take necessary actions to grow in the future. Finally, we analyze Biocon Share Price Forecast and Biocon Share Price Target 2023, 2024,2025, 2026, and 2030 detailed in this article.

We just discuss the company’s overview and performance, it’s totally our perspective please make sure to market research and take financial advice from your advisor before investing, hope you enjoy this article.


No Investment Advice Is given in this Article This Article is Written purely for educational purposes we are not a SEBI registered advisor if you want to invest in this you should consult your financial advisor

Biocon Share Price Forecast-FAQ

Is Biocon A debt Free Company?

Virtually Debt Free and its debt-equity ratio is very low which is 0.64

Can I Buy Biocon Shares?

You Can Easily Buy Biocon Shares In Grow Buy by Creating A Demat Account And Getting The KYC Document Verified Online

What is Biocon Rank?

Biocon Limited was ranked No 5 globally

Why Biocon Share Is Falling?

In the latest quarter, the company reported a loss of Rs. 42 Cr. compared to a net profit of Rs. 187 Cr. in the year-ago period

Which is better Biocon or syngene?

Biocon Scored Higher in 2 areas overall rating and compensation & benefits

Is split well for the stock?

Stock splits can improve trading liquidity and make the stock seem more affordable

What is Biocon famous for?

World’s first Pichia-based-RH-insulin developed and commercialized In India

Biocon Share Price Target Tomorrow

March 09 2023 Biocon Share Price Target Today Current price is 224 and tomorrow maybe the target price is 226 or 227

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