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Top 5 Best Semiconductor Stocks In India 2023 –

Best Semiconductor Stocks in India | Semiconductor Stocks in India 2023

Technological development makes more usage of semiconductors, also the semiconductor industry is booming in recent years due to the more usage of technological devices. Semiconductors are nothing but small electrical chips that are used in electronic devices. It is used for electricity flow on a wide range of electronic gadgets, smartphones, EVs, etc.,

As per the current market demand and the upcoming market growth in the semiconductor sector, many companies are aggressively investing in this sector. Also, there will be a global demand in the semiconductor industry due to the shortage of manufacturing capacity.

So, to utilize the global market demand many Indian manufacturing companies are interested to expand their capacity and invest more in the upcoming days. Let’s see the top 5 best Semiconductors stock in India in 2023.

Indian Semiconductor Industry

India set a standard quality in the global market for its products, and many buyers trust Indian products for their reliability. Also, Indian companies taking advantage of the shortage of semiconductors in the global market.

The Indian Semiconductor Industry is expected to grow CAGR of 19.7% in the next five years. As well as the global semiconductor market by USD 689 billion by 2023.

Best Semiconductor Stocks In India

1. Tata Elxsi

Tata Elxsi works with two different segments system integration and support and software development services, as well as the company is the leading technology design and services that collaborate with Renesas Electronics Corporation to manufacture the latest and advanced semiconductor solutions.

The company has a main manufacturing unit in Bangalore, also it has invested around $300 million dollars to open a new manufacturing unit in Tamilnadu, Karnataka.

Market CapRs. 37,436
EPS (TTM)114.59
Dividend Yield0.71%
P/E ratio52.46
Industry P/E77.58
Debt to Equity0.11
P/B ratio23.38

2. HCL Technologies

HCL Technologies is an Indian-based public sector company that established in 1976, the company is mainly deals with multinational IT and consulting companies, and also it has a business segment like engineering and R&D services and products.

Market CapRs. 2,97,307 cr
EPS (TTM)53.38
Dividend Yield4.37%
P/E ratio20.57
Industry P/E ratio28.88
P/B ratio4.81
Debt-to- Equity0.11

3. Dixon Technologies Limited

The company is an Indian multinational contract manufacturer of electronics products like washing machines, televisions, LED bulbs, smartphones, etc. Due to the shortage of semiconductors, the company was severely impacted by producing products, so the management is investing in the manufacture of the semiconductor chip.

Market CapRs. 17,243 cr
EPS (TTM)39.73
Dividend Yield0.07%
P/E ratio72.82
Industry P/E ratio19.04
P/B ratio17.22
Debt-to- Equity0.55

4. ASM Technologies Ltd

ASM Technologies Ltd was established globally in 1992, the company mainly deals with the production of engineering consultancy, automation solutions, robotics, compromise assessment digital engineering, and development services.

Market CapRs. 402 cr
EPS (TTM)9.93
Dividend Yield1.37%
P/E ratio40.45
Industry P/E ratio28.88
P/B ratio6.61
Debt-to- Equity0.86

5. Vedanta

Vedanta Ltd is an Indian multinational public sector company that mainly deals with the mining of iron ore, gold, and aluminum. In recent times the management is more focusing to invest on semiconductor projects.

Market CapRs. 1,04,742 cr
EPS (TTM)38.78
Dividend Yield24.79%
P/E ratio7.28
Industry P/E ratio11.93
P/B ratio1.60
Debt-to- Equity1.09


India’s Atma Nirbharata’s schemes will boost up the Indian semiconductor and electronic chip market in the upcoming days. In recent times many investors are interested in semiconductor stocks that may provide stable returns in the future. As per the future market of semiconductors, you can expect stable growth in long-term investment.


Is semiconductor stocks good for long-term investment?

Yes, this sector has a great opportunity in the upcoming days

Which is the biggest semiconductor company In India?

Tata Elxsi is the biggest semiconductor manufacturer in India

Future growth of the Semiconductor Industry in India?

The Indian Semiconductor Industry is expected to grow up to 19.7% CAGR in the next five years.

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