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Best Monopoly Stocks In India – 2023

Top Monopoly Stocks | Best Monopoly Stocks In India 2023.

Hi, friends in this article we will discuss about the best monopoly stocks in India in 2023. The term monopoly means single, and I will tell you briefly. A monopoly company means a single company that provides a particular product or particular service. There is no competition for that particular service or product. Monopoly companies have little or no competition.

Investors trust more on monopoly stocks more compared with other sector stocks because it has stable market share, standard pricing, and consistent performance. Check out the best monopoly stocks in India that you should look into in 2023.

Overview of the Indian Monopoly Industry

Monopoly companies are able to take full advantage and become the pioneer of the industry. Make sure the risk involved in Monopoly companies, most of them belongs to government bodies, if any changes in policies that may affect the company’s growth. Let’s discuss one of the favorite stocks for investors today.

In this article, we see the best 5 Monopoly stocks in India that you should know about in 2023. Before investing make sure of the current market conditions and take advice from your financial advisor.

Best Monopoly Stocks In India 2023

These are the Best Monopoly Stocks In India 2023, that every investor looking for.


Market CapRs. 45,592Cr
EPS [TTM]11.76
Dividend Yield0.75%
P/E Ratio TTM48.45
Industry P/ENA
Debt To Equity0.10
P/B Ratio24.20

IRCTC is an Indian public sector company that works under the Ministry of Indian Railway Ministry. This company owns 100% of the market share in the domestic train ticketing sector. In recent times the company showed up very good growth and share value. As per the expert analysis, IRCTC is the best monopoly stock in India.

2. Hindustan Aeronautical Limited

Market CapRs. 92,553Cr
EPS [TTM]182.48
Dividend Yield1.81%
P/E Ratio TTM15.17
Industry P/E49.20
Debt To Equity0.00
P/B Ratio4.79

Hindustan Aeronautical Limited is a publicly owned company that is under the working Defense Ministry Of the Indian Government. HAL is the only company that deals with Aviation and manufactures aircraft for the Indian government.

HAL has several own products and collaborated with global companies to produce aircraft, jet engines, helicopters, and its spares.


Market CapRs. 24,583Cr
EPS [TTM]2.23
Dividend Yield0.57%
P/E Ratio TTM31.69
Industry P/E36.75
Debt To Equity0.22
P/B Ratio0.93

Bharath Heavy Electrics Limited BHEL is one of India’s biggest engineering and manufacturing companies in various sectors. Their core business is energy, infrastructure, and power equipment manufacturing. The company has the largest market share in the emission equipment industry.

BHEL industries work in various segments like oil, gas, engineering, thermal, and hydro plants. BHEL has a strong presence in various sectors of the Indian market.


Market CapRs. 1,90,019Cr
EPS [TTM]247.94
Dividend Yield1.12%
P/E Ratio TTM79.49
Industry P/E20.91
Debt To Equity0.11
P/B Ratio77.27

Nestle Cerelac brand is an alternative for breast milk for up to 6-month-old babies. Nestle is the top company that deals with nutrition, and health globally. In spite of many companies selling these products in the market. But till now Nestle holds 97% of the market share in Cerelac products.

5. Coal India

Market CapRs. 1,36,628Cr
EPS [TTM]47.57
Dividend Yield10.49%
P/E Ratio TTM4.66
Industry P/E5.87
Debt To Equity0.07
P/B Ratio3.17

Coal India is another government-owned company also best monopoly stock in India. The company is the largest coal miner in the world and works under the Ministry of Coal in the Indian government. The company becomes the pioneer in the coal-mining industry with 82% of the market share.

6. Hindustan Zinc

Market CapRs. 1,31,534Cr
EPS [TTM]25.56
Dividend Yield20.88%
P/E Ratio TTM12.13
Industry P/E12.48
Debt To Equity0.07
P/B Ratio3.84

Hindustan Zinc Limited shares are the best Monopoly stocks In India that you can be looking to invest in in 2023. This company is the second largest zinc-lead miner globally. Hindustan Zinc Limited holds 78% of the market share in the zinc-lead mining industry.

7. ITC

Market CapRs. 4,81,399Cr
EPS [TTM]14.72
Dividend Yield3.16%
P/E Ratio TTM26.32
Industry P/ENA
Debt To Equity0.00
P/B Ratio7.64

ITC is Indian base multinational company that deals with various businesses in different segments. The company has 13 businesses in 5 sectors like FMCG, hotels, software, packing, and a paper roll. The company holds 77% of the total market share in the Indian Cigarette sector.


The above-mentioned companies are the best Monopoly stocks In India in 2023. Apart from this many companies like Marico, Pidilite, and Container Corporation Of India are also monopoly companies in their sectors.


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