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9 Best Stock Market Books For Beginners In India – PDF.

Hi, Friends if you searching for the best stock market books for beginners then you landed in the right place where you can find those books with free pdf downloads. If you want to invest your money in the stock market before you have to know about its basics because the stock market has its own ups and downs which can affect your investment.

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As a beginner, you have to know in-depth knowledge of the Stock Market, because you’re going to invest your money in this, and if you make any mistakes then you going to face those losses. So before entering on investment, you might be known about its fundamentals.

Every field has its expertise, like that in the stock market if you learn these books will help you more about stocks and investing. Ok, let’s see the 9 Best Stock Market Books that every beginner need.

9 Best Stock Market Books For Beginners In India

If you are a beginner and don’t know about stocks, trading, and investing but are willing to invest in the stock market. After reading this book without anyone’s help you can slowly analyze the market and able to predict the right shares. Here is the list of best books for the stock market that every beginner need.

  • A Beginners Guide To The Stock Market- Everything you need to make money as a beginner
  • The Intelligent Investor- Definitive Guide for practical counsel
  • How to make money in Stocks- By William O’Neil
  • Rich Dad and Poor Dad- Robert Kiyosaki
  • Stock Investing for Dummies- Paul J Mladjenovic
  • Warren Buffet 3 Favourite Books
  • How To Avoid Loss And Earn Consistently – Prasenjit Paul
  • Common Stocks and Uncommon Profits- Philip Aurther Fisher
  • The Warren Buffet Way- G. Hagstrom.

1. A Beginners Guide To The Stock Market- Everything you need to make money as a beginner.

This book has the full details about stock market fundamentals and as a beginner what you have to do and what not to do, by following this book you can able to make money from day one. Also, this book teaches us the risks involved in the stock market. Definitely, this book is helpful to beginners with investment and the stock market.

2. How to make money in Stocks

This author tells about the famous stock market winners’ history and how they invest as well as their strategy to become successful in the stock market. Also, the author tells about stock brokerage by his own method which helped millions of investors to become rich over a period of time.

3. The Intelligent Investor

This book is called “The Bible of Investing”, which is written by Warren Buffet’s mentor. This book teaches us the value of trading, philosophy, and stock market fundamentals in a detailed manner.

4. Rich Dad and Poor Dad

The Book Rich Dad and Poor Dad which is written by Robert Kiyosaki Best sells books around the globe, this book deeply talks about working for money and making money from individuals also this book talks about independent finance and creating wealth in various methods.

5. Stock Investing for Dummies

This books deeply talk about the technicals of the stock market, also you can know better how to read stock tables, balance sheets, and annual reports and how to minimize your losses and maximize your gain in the stock market.

6. Warren Buffet’s 3 Favourite Books

The world’s leading investment mentor Mr. Warren Buffet liked 3 books that he uses over three decades to build a $39 billion dollars net worth. This book talks about intelligent investment and security analysis, this book is starting point for beginners and intermediate investors.

7. How To Avoid Loss And Earn Consistently

This is the most liked book for stock market beginners which is written by Indian Stock Market expert Mr. Paul. This book teaches us how to select and reject a stock, and tells the secret about how to select high-quality stocks that become rich in a detailed manner.

8. Common Stocks and Uncommon Profits

This book is a must need for beginners who want to invest in the stock market because this book is written in simple language with stock market fundamentals and deep talks about blue-chip stocks.

9. The Warren Buffet Way

This book talks about successful investor Mr. Warren Buffet’s secret investing strategy and principles, how to choose a perfect stock for long-term investment. This book has several questions which are related to investments and picking the right stocks.


These are the best stock market books for beginners in India, after reading these fundamentals, strategies, and principles you can inspire by top investors and implement your own method. Also, I include the free pdf for every book.

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